Friday 24 May 2024

GATX Boxcar

Been working on this GATX boxcar for Luc and Radisson.  Finally got 'er finished up, so I thought I'd show it here.  The goal is to somewhat replicate the appearance of this prototype boxcar, albeit with reporting marks for Radisson's ACRR and no graffiti.

The model started out as an ExactRail RBOX car

Here it is before removing the logos and lettering

Paper towel soaked with Solvaset on the right-hand end of the boxcar softens up the original markings for removal after about 30 minutes. Then, some rubbing with a damp Q-Tip and a damp toothpick will remove the markings. I've already removed the logo on the left-hand end.

All the markings are off now, as well as the placard on the door.  It was brass, and popped off quite easily with just a little pressure from a small screwdriver.

First colour of the re-paint
I had covered the boxcar with a grey primer before spraying with the Mission Models Red Oxide that Luc provided.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture with the upper portion of the boxcar masked in order to be able paint the lower area with the darker brown Mission Models.
With the paint done, next step was clear gloss coat before decals.

A few years ago, I made the switch from Testors gloss and flat products to the Tamiya clear gloss (TS-13) and flat (TS-80), and I haven't looked back.  I find that the Tamiya seems to have a finer spray, and unlike the Testors I've never seen any "orange peel" effect when I've used it.

Here's a look at the paint products used to finish off this boxcar:
Mission Models paints 013 and 015, and the Tamiya TS-13 Clear (gloss) and TS-80 Flat Clear.  The decal set we used for this car was SmokeBox Graphics 5887.

And so I'll close out with a couple of nice views of ACRR 5500 as it looks on my own Tri-State Paper spur.
I should also mention that I've added angled stirrup steps #212 from Yarmouth Model Works

A nice, clean looking boxcar.  I'm really pleased with the way this one has turned out.

Have a great week everybody

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