Friday 1 March 2024

ABOX Style Boxcars

I thought we'd have a look at some ABOX freight cars that seem to show up on the railroad here from time to time.  These 50 foot boxcars are easily distinguished from RBOX cars by their featured double doors: one sliding door and one plug-style.

We'll start off with ExactRail models of the FMC-built 5277 cu.ft. boxcars
This model has less grime build-up below the door track areas.  The rusty scratches are burnt sienna artist oil paint.  A little wear can be seen on the red and blue arrows graphic.

(ExactRail) ABOX 51108
Some older notices at the door and tack board, this one also looks like there has been a little more rust that has run off the roof and stained the side panels with a reddish tone.

(ExactRail) ABOX 51114A
Seen here outside of the Tri-State Paper plant, the tack board on this one is a bit worn looking, and notice the wheel spray on the end of the car.  A bit more difficult to see is the grey sealant applied along the roof edge and seams.

And ABOX  52237 is my most recently weathered model, having just come off the workbench.  This boxcar is from Athearn's "Primed for Grime" series, which featured faded lettering, logos and graphics, and a "replacement" plug door in a shade of yellow that is different than the car body as it came straight out of the box.

 (Athearn) ABOX 52237 is posing for a finished photo shortly before it lands on the rails...
Note the difference in the logo lettering on the plug door.  I faded the paint using concrete grey through the airbrush, applied all of the graffiti with decals, weathered the black door with a few drops of Panel Line Brown, and of course added all of the rust. 

And a very similar angle of view of 52237 at it's first customer spot out on the layout
  A proper setting like this make it appear much more "real".

Have a good week of happy modelling

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