Friday 23 February 2024

Maybe a Flat Car Load

A look at JSSX 50 foot flatcar 11150.  This one started out as Athearn's blue-box SP model, which I painted and lettered for my shortline, and then of course weathered as well.

I'm thinking of putting a short pair of rails on the deck of the flatcar and now that the hot metal car is finished up, using that as a load load for it.

The hot metal car was a different little project for me. Overall it went pretty well, but I'm not so sure I like the look of the trip pin from the coupler.  Looking closely you'll see short lengths of safety chain dangling from the ends of this model. I brush painted the whole car with Vallejo's Rust Texture paint.

I put a couple of patches on the outside of the tank, just to show that perhaps the at some time molten metal had burned through the fire brick that would line the inside of the tank.  I've left the orange coloured piece that mimics the appearance of molten metal inside the tank, but I can't imagine that the 50 foot flat would support the weight of such a load.

I ordered some 3D printed parts from Phil's Train Layout Store in London, Ontario.  I had seen his postings on facebook, and thought I'd ask him to print some outdoor surveillance cameras for me.  I thought they might make a neat little detail for the outside of some of the industries on the layout.  They might, but I wasn't expecting them to be as small as they are. 
It also occurred to me that maybe some traffic cones might be a good detail as well, so he printed a dozen of those for me as well. They turned out quite nice, and I'll get to painting them soon. Scattered in the foreground of the photo are the surveillance cameras. Painting those white could be a bit of a challenge.


  1. I would glue the cameras onto the building, then go over them with white paint on a small brush. At that size, who will notice an area missed?

  2. Yeah, that's probably a good way to go about painting them. Thanks.