Friday 16 February 2024

Some Street Running Views

A look down South Industrial Blvd as a day cab hauls a 53 foot trailer
A couple of TBOX's will have to get picked up by the JSSX

And sure enough, the next day the high-hood GP40 happens along

Here's another look with the 7000 on the street, with the crewman getting ready to step down
I notice all the equipment is black in this view.  I had been trying to sell the two NW cars a while ago, but had no takers.  That's fine.  They look good here.

Former CNW GP38, now a leaser engine just entering the street trackage
One of my favourite models in one of my favourite locations on the layout

On facebook this week, I happened across this interesting view of street running in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The picture really held my attention with all the details.

Looks like a CF-7

And here's a video of Susquehanna in Utica, NY, street switching at the brewery.  Includes views of the crew member throwing the switch that's hidden in the street.  Fun to see the train emerge from and then run back inside the building again.

I hope you do some model railroading this week.

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