Friday 13 January 2023

One Thing Leads to Another

 Well, I decided that I'd ought to get busy on this covered hopper that Brian sent for me to weather for him, and then one thing led to another...

I had also read a comment somewhere else about people not weathering vehicles on their layouts, and I thought that yes, although I've done a couple of them, the comment does also apply to me. 

This day cab tractor was close by, so I grabbed it and set about weathering it at the same time as the covered hopper.

The holes in the roof are where air horns are supposed to be, but I don't have them so I don't quite know what I'm going to do about that.

Faded the blue Colormark panels and added some rust to the hopper.  Good thing it never rains on the layout or the inside of the cab would get wet.

The covered hopper isn't actually quite finished yet, as I still have to do the wheels and trucks, but here's a few pictures anyway.

Some fading, rusting, and a bit of graffiti.

Below is pretty much the same view as above, but with the car out on the street trackage
Yep, gotta paint those shiny wheels.

 And as for that day cab, I also gave a couple of trailers a quick weathering as well.
Mostly what I did here was Tamiya brown and Tamiya black panel line on just about everything on the cab and wheels.  Can't really see it, but I also used those same two products on the landing gear of the trailers as well.

Some grimy black airbrushed onto the trailer where exhaust soot traditionally builds up.

I've also got just a few more vehicles to weather, but before I do those I think I'll just ponder over these ones for a bit and see what I like and what I might try to do differently next time.

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