Saturday 16 July 2022

SW1200 1317 Work Assignment

 EMD switcher 1317, in it's original CN paint, has the work assignment today.

Used only occasionally on my shortline, I've still not added JSSX lettering to this SW1200.

1317 couples on to the cars that the GTW has dropped off at the interchange track

1317 has dug out 2 covered hoppers and an empty gondola

The empty covered hoppers are designated to be spotted at the team track at the far end of the JSSX yard. Likely going to be loaded with fly ash.
The track runs in front of an old railway express building, long since closed down and boarded up.  The shortline stores it's maintenance cars on that track though, so they'll have to be moved out to allow the empty covered hoppers to be spotted there.

The few pieces of equipment that make up the JSSX work train amount to 2 flat cars and an American Crane.  This crane, manufactured by Walthers, is unpowered. I have another that is motorized, but not upgraded to DCC so it remains in it's box.

1317 shoves the two covered hoppers into position

Getting one of the hoppers into position

A nice close-up of 1317


  1. Is there a track plan to your layout somewhere? These pictures show it to be much larger than I pictured in my head.

    1. I don't have a track plan drawn up, although I suppose I should try to make one sometime. The layout is about 6'x17', plus a 2'x7' ell shaped extension. The track system with the 2 railroads interchanging started out with just a general idea, and kind of evolved into what it is today.

    2. I was hoping to see a track plan also, to get a better overview of your very nice layout. Any chance you've published an overhead photo, say from holding a cell phone near the ceiling at one end? - Robin

  2. Thanks so much. Real nice to see you still looking in here.