Saturday 9 July 2022

Fencing around that Gulf Station

If I look around here long enough, I can find what I'm looking for.  The photo below shows what was remaining of my chain link fencing kit made by Walthers.  I've been wanting to put fencing around the burned out/closed down Gulf gas station, and I knew I had a some fence posts here somewhere.

Walther's moulded fence posts are at the right-hand side of the sprue.  That's a gate that I won't be using at the left side.  Wire for the top and bottom of the fence is in the plastic packaging.

Below, the  fence posts have all been installed and the wire added along the top and bottom of the posts.

The actual chain link portion is installed, and weathered up to be old and rusty. I used wedding veil tulle for the chain link. I've omitted a picture of the tulle before I added the weathering to it, because the material is white and so finely woven that it couldn't really be seen very well in that photo.

A couple photos with the building and fence actually in place on the layout.

If I should one day tire of this building and scene, since it is all mounted on a piece of .040 styrene, I could lift the whole thing right out, and drop another small scene with the same size footprint right into place.  As far as I know, that idea was originated by George Dutka, who does that on his White River Division.  At least that's where I got the idea from.

So, this project is now pretty much done.  The only thing really left to do would be to maybe add barbed wire around the top of the fence.  Perhaps some brown (rusty) thread.

Saw this very well "aged" 3-bay covered hopper down at Sarnia's C-yard on this past Monday afternoon. The large grey patch area at the right-hand end with that rusty coloured streak running down through it looks (to my eye anyway) to have a barely discernable ghost image of a black CN logo. Reporting marks are FLOX 79164 are worn and may be in a couple of different fonts as well.

A nice combination of grimy and rusty streaking, along with those darker panel lines.  A covered hopper weathered like this would look real good on the JSSX.

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