Saturday, 1 January 2022

First Post of the Year

I don't actually have much of an excuse, because I wasn't really all that busy during the holiday week, but posting to the blog this week kind of slipped my mind a bit. Forgive me for re-hashing some of the pictures from the year just passed...

This Tangent 86 footer posted back in January sees pretty regular service in and out of the parts plant on my GTW line...

I actually just lifted the 4 door auto parts cars including this Southern model off of the layout and replaced them with the 8 door variety.

I painted this NW car to this striking black and white scheme.  I remember I had used flat black to paint the car because I was thinking the flat would look the best. But then had to put gloss coat over top of it before the decals.

I still haven't made the time to weathering DT&I 250, at least so far anyway.  
My other DTI engines, a GP38 and GP40 have been sold off in recent weeks

My trio of 50 foot SOO boxcars.

I really like this picture, except for the problem of poor focus depth of field.

This bash of an extended height 50 foot boxcar was done from the boxcar pictured below

That's going to do it for now.  Thanks for looking in throughout the year. Wishing you all a really Happy New Year.



  1. Wow, they are a lot of neat shots (and some interesting modeling techniques) on display in those pictures!

  2. Thanks very much again DandH . Happy that you take the time to look in here.


  3. Operational trivia: the four door cars went to Ford in Windsor, and the 8 door cars were spotted at the former GM trim plant (Lear) on Lauzon Rd.