Saturday 22 January 2022

A Bunch of This and That This Week

If you happened to read all the way to the end of my post last week, you might have clicked on the link to a story about Union Pacific trains in Los Angeles being robbed.  Further to that, here's a link to NBC's take on that situation from just a couple of days ago. Might take about 5 seconds to load the video:

My friend Chuck sent along this link to the video he took of his train at the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club in Elmhurst, Illinois.  With his permission, I thought I'd include it here.

Next up, I happened to see this interesting local railroad news item on Blackburn News this past Wednesday...

Sarnia council has approved a rezoning application in principle to permit the expansion of the existing Procor Ltd. rail car maintenance operation at 725 Procor Drive, east of Highway 40 and south of Confederation Line.

A 5,300 square metre paint and blast facility with an attached storage shop, 930 metres of additional railway, new access road, parking lot and stormwater management facility are planned.

No mention of when this expansion project will actually begin, and I wonder how many additional permanent jobs could be created by this expansion.

And now some progress shots of two of those boxcars I showed here last week.

One of the 8-door high cube boxcars, with the Evergreen Styrene being used for the conversion to an exterior post car.  This project is being done for a friend.

Here's the boxcar after the primer coat.  I actually found I didn't have any model primer, so I used concrete gray as a substitute.
Painted with SP Scarlet and ready to start decals.  I expect that it will take quite some time to complete as it's a pretty tricky decaling job. Updates will follow.

And I'll close out this week with a shot from the layout...
As I took this photo, Jimi Hendrix's "Hear My Train A'Comin" popped up and started playing on my itunes shuffle