Saturday 25 December 2021

Coil Steel Cars

 A trio of coil steel cars have come into view along the GTW line. These three cars all belong to and have been weathered for Jamie Barron.

This GTW car looks to have been out in the weather for several years.

CNW looking a little faded, with a bit of rust streaking also. (I've fixed that support on the left hand side since I took the photo.  I hadn't even noticed that slight bit of damage until I posted the photo here)

The gondola portion has picked up some general grime, but the covers of this UP car now appear pretty well faded and worn.

I don't really know how the inside of these type of cars appear, but I decided I ought to do a bit of  weathering in there too. They'll look better if Jamie should feel like occasionally running the cars with the hoods removed.
Looking down on the hoods and interior of the GT car

Inside the CNW car

And the interior of the Union Pacific coil car

It's Christmas morning, so I'll close this out by wishing every one of you and your families and friends all a very Merry Christmas
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