Saturday 18 December 2021

Aluminum Pile at the Metal Recycler Site

 After having some success a couple of weeks ago upgrading the area of the scrap steel pile at the recycler site, I thought I'd best get busy and follow up with similar work around the non-ferrous metal pile as well. Below is a couple of "before" looks at the aluminum pile and the surrounding area.

The pile does kind of look like it was just dropped into place (which is true really) and not very realistic looking

A drone-style "before" view of the non-ferrous pile

I had a small bag of the tiny bits of aluminum that Brian had given me, so I spread some of that somewhat randomly around the base of the pile
I removed the fencing around the site, as it is paper adhered to styrene. Moisture from the diluted glue I was about to use could "wick" up the paper and stain or discolour it. The fence can be seen laying in the background of the photo.

Here's the view of my non-ferrous metal pile after the additional material has been added and the fencing is back in place.  The GT road switcher could be along almost any time now as it looks like the TTX RailGon that appears in the first couple of photos is loaded now as well.


  1. Well, I don't know about a thousand percent, but I certainly appreciate the comment. Thanks.


  2. Looks great, Jim. Big money in that crap material!