Saturday, 27 November 2021

Switching along South Industrial Blvd.

Here are a few views featuring a leaser locomotive from Larry's Truck and Electric switching one of the JSSX clients along South Industrial Blvd.  Six axle locomotives have started to become a bit more rare on the JSSX recently as a couple of them have been sold off.  This one's a keeper though...

To have such a large area of the locomotive painted out in flat black like this is a real eye-catcher (well, it is for me anyway). Sean Steele painted and patched this locomotive for me some years ago after I had seen photos of the prototype on-line.

The "snoot nose" front end hood is 116" in length, which helps distinguish this SD40-2 as well.  My understanding is that the UP ordered that extra length to house radio equipment with the intention that these locomotives be used in mid-train helper service.

A drone view of 3415 shoving a SOO Line boxcar to the loading dock.  Going by the condition of the windows, those upper floors of the structure look to be unused or abandoned space. We saw that CSX car last week as it was spotted along here as well.

The view from street level.  This is one of my favourite railfanning locations. That boxcar looks like it's showing some age.

The No Excess Height Cars warnings on the building are a little out of focus in this photo. At least the boxcar is in focus. On the end of the boxcar, we can see the glow from the engine's headlight.

End view of that Soo car as it's being shoved into place

Looks like the car has reached destination.


  1. Like the SD, but the modeling of the fence at the end of the spur is excellent!

  2. Well, that is part of the overall look I'd like the layout to have. Sometimes I think I've got a little bit further away from that look than I want to be. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. Maybe I could try to have the fence be the feature of a future post.