Saturday 6 November 2021

Rationalizing Equipment

I'd imagine that pretty well all of us have model railroad "equipment" which, to put it simply, we just don't use. I've got maybe half a dozen or so engines that I can't remember the last time they ever "turned a wheel" on the layout. Not that I don't like them, I just don't use them. So how much sense does it really make to keep them?

This Detroit, Toledo and Ironton GP 38 #204 is one such model. I've had this one for several years.  The justification I used for buying it several years ago, was that my JSSX shortline interchanges with the GTW. And of course GTW had acquired the DT&I and it's equipment in the early 1980's, so this engine should fit in quite nicely out on the layout. Right? At least that was my rationalization at the time.

The 204 runs very well using it's original Atlas dual-mode decoder set, to DCC control. Note the unique design of those spark arrestors on the hood.

All that, plus the DT&I orange with the large black lettering looks really sharp. And that "We've got the Connections" compass on the sides of the cab is pretty cool too.

The upshot of all this is that I put my 204 up for sale on-line, and less than a day later someone agreed to my asking price.  So, this GP38 is now on it's way to a new home where hopefully it's made use of and enjoyed.
A final view of my DT&I 204

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