Saturday 13 November 2021

Around the Layout

 Just showing a few views from around the layout...

A pair of covered hoppers waiting to be loaded at the transload located at the far end of the JSSX yard.

And the JSSX maintenance building at the near end of the yard.

GP 38-2's 6210 with 6212 are framed by the highway overpass as they enter into the GTW's industrial switching area.

6210 & 6212 dropping covered hoppers into MidWest Plastics

Seeing some rare time out and about on the layout is GTW 6416 re-numbered, but still in the original orange paint of the DT&I.

Oops...Looks like that drop step needs some repair.  Something to keep the shop forces busy I guess. Once that's repaired, this engine could be a good candidate for "rationalization".


  1. Very nice layout thanks for the photo array. One comment (not a criticism) the strap steel pile looks to neat and square. I would think that in a real yard there would be random droppings from the loading crane around the area as well.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Ken. There is no easy way for a bulldozer to push the scrap alongside the tracks into a neat line without ripping up the rails in the process. It looks great though.

  3. Hmmm...I'll have to give this a bit of thought. The piles are 2" foam with the metal bits white-glued on top. That's why the edges are so defined.


  4. Jim, here is a link to a site on recycling with an image that might give you some ideas. Note the rusty dusting around the ground and small pieces of scrap on the ground near the pile that dropped off the loader. A search of some other scrap recyclers site might offer some other suggestions.

    1. Ken - Thanks. I couldn't actually get your link to work. Then I typed it into google, and it worked fine. I also googled scrap metal piles photos, and (funny story)some of the photos that popped up were of the scrap recycler on my layout.


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