Saturday 16 October 2021

This and That This Week

 I've assembled these 3 items, although they're not placed out on the railroad yet.

Top is a guardrail made from a short piece of rail by the railway shops, although it still need some yellow paint. In the middle is a roadway guardrail (Rix kit) with reflective stripes as it's to be placed at a curve, and at the bottom is a length of old chain link fence that will separate JSSX tracks from the transload property.

Also still on the workbench is this GTW coil steel car I've been working away at for Jamie Barron.

Not quite done yet, I still have to paint the wheels and add the hand rails to the sides of the hoods.

And one more this very cool night time photo taken by my former neighbor and friend Ian Cryer. This is the lake freighter Algoma Sault (that's pronounced Soo) entering the harbor at Goderich, Ontario.
Ian points out that in his photo, both of the navigation lights are lit, which is a challenge as they are each lit for differing lengths of time and for different intervals.


  1. Nice coil car. However, if it is as old as that weathering suggests one of the hoods should either be damaged or swapped for a non-matching one. They rarely stayed together for that long. It looks great though. I have four I want to weather in the future and this gives me ideas.

  2. I tried to find photos of GTW coil cars with blue hoods, but was pretty well unable to find any. Seems they all have single round hoods painted red now. So I just went ahead and "fantasy" weathered this one.