Saturday 9 October 2021

Railbox Train

Not a whole lot going on with the layout this past week.  However, I couldn't help but notice this string of Railbox cars moving along the GTW.  I actually thought this photo would turn out a bit bigger than this, and give a better view of the train. Using Paintshop, I have cropped out everything below the layout, so that's the reason it's turned out this way.

A short JSSX train made up of two tank cars and an empty gondola is also visible switching in the foreground.

The first boxcar in the GTW train is RBOX 1505.

I have recently sort of begun a program of adding the FRA reflective stripes to many of my freight cars.  The ones I've put on this RBOX are the peel and stick type produced by Smokebox Graphics.
I don't know how many individual strips there are on a sheet, but it's certainly quite a few, and the package only costs about 5 bucks!  The label says there are enough to do 40 cars.

And one more thing...

CSL Thunder Bay taking on a load of grain at the Sarnia elevator dock last week. The freighter is in Quebec City unloading as I write this.  I think it sure would be fun to build a model of something like this, but even if I had one, where would I put it?


  1. My favorite boxcar paint scheme! I have four of them and run them sometimes as a block on my layout just because I think they look so good. Nice job with yours!

  2. Thanks! I didn't realize that I had quite so many RBOX's until a couple of months ago. Plus a couple of TBOX's and FBOX's as well. And my 86 foot JBOX to boot.