Saturday 23 October 2021

A little more progress

 A little more progress on scenery on the layout to show this week.  The photo below shows the roadway guardrail is installed at the curve outside of the rail-to-road transload site.

And on the far side of the gravelly driveway into the transload, is a length of chain link fence that I've made.  I could use a bit more, but this piece used up all of the steel wire that I have at the moment.  The closer section of chain link is from a Plastruct kit, but looks quite out of scale when compared to the stuff that is scratch-made with the steel wire and tulle.

And this railing at the end of the street was made by the railroad.

I think this rail should probably have a little rust on it. And probably some of those yellow reflector stripes too.

And another couple of looks at look at Jamie Barron's weathered GTW coil car.

I've also been working on this Union Pacific coil car for Jamie. The original grey paint - sorry, no photo of that - is faded using concrete gray, followed by some light rusting.

Those triangular shapes on the hoods are shadows from the lighting .

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