Saturday 29 May 2021

Norfolk and Western Boxcar (Pt 1)

Not a lot going on for the JSSX recently, but I have re-painted and now lettering this boxcar.  Another 86 footer (hey, I like them) to eventually be switched in and out over at the parts plant, this one is coming along well.

A simple solid black paint job, I took a chance and used Modelflex Flat Black because I want the finished model's appearance to be as flat as I can possibly get it. As a test, I put a small decal on the flat finish, and the test failed badly as the clear centre of the decal "silvered", or appeared shiny. Can't have that! I kind of figured that might happen though, but wanted to try.  I peeled the test decal off with some masking tape, and then gloss coated the boxcar.

More on the car in future, but for now, have a look at the boxcar in it's unfinished state...

I couldn't find the correct decals, so my friend Sean made them for me.

I decided to change the boxcar number from the first photo. NW 860180 matches the number of the car in the internet photo that I'm using as my example.

It really shouldn't be on the layout yet as it's unfinished, but this is what this 86 foot boxcar looks like at the moment.  I still have to finish the lettering on the ends, apply flat finish, and then weathering.

This is primarily a model railroad blog of course, but every once in a while I like to toss a little variety into the post, such as this ship photo.  The 650 foot long Algoma Innovator is just about 4 years old now, but appears to be beginning to show some wear as it enters the St.Clair River from Lake Huron on Sunday, May 23/21.

Algoma Innovator southbound from Lake Huron into the St.Clair River.

The Innovator is a bit different from other lake freighters in that it has it's conveyor boom mounted forward, allowing it greater flexibility (reach) in ports.
Algoma Innovator is about to pass beneath the Blue Water Bridges on May 23/21.  Linda Stamos took the photo

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