Saturday 1 May 2021

GTW Working the Auto Parts Spur

 Thought I'd show a few looks at the GTW doing some switching of auto parts cars at the local parts factory. I've been trying to figure out if I could make the building any longer, but there's only so much real estate, isn't there.  The spur can hold 3 of the oversized cars, but it sort of looks overcrowded when I do that, so I usually only spot two in there.

Some of these views are taken from beneath the highway overpass.

The locomotive has coupled onto a pair of 86 foot boxcars, and is beginning to pull out of the factory spur.

Empties in, loads out.  The crew has backed their locomotive into the spur to pick up loaded boxcars.

The factory itself is a kitbash of the Armstrong Motors model from Walthers, x 4.  It's a little over 49 inches in total length, for the moment anyway, until such time as I can figure out how to enable the facility to hold more of my 86 footers.  

6252 is an SD38, which is regularly assigned to this particular switching job.

I don't get to see this view very often myself.  I honestly thought that the tracks were a little straighter than what it shows here.

A view down the GTW line, in between the metal recycler yard to the right, and the Midwest Plastics plant on the left.

A bit more of an overhead view of what is frequently a very busy GTW line. 

Shoving the empty cars into the parts plant spur.

On it's way into the parts spur, I know I have shown this boxcar previously here on the blog.  I was very pleased with the way my weathering effort turned out, even more so when Dave Lehlbach from Tangent Scale Models saw photos that I had posted onto, and asked me to send photos to Tangent for display on their own website.

Job complete for the day.