Saturday, 24 April 2021

Addams Avenue

 This structure is the Addams Avenue Part 1 plaster kit produced by Downtown Deco. The kit is intended to represent four separate storefronts. It was the first of two plaster kits I've ever done. I put it together some years back, but never did anything much more than put together the basic walls and try to paint them.  There were some signs included with the kit, but I didn't use them as they don't fit in with the era of my layout. The building has sat more or less neglected in it's place on the layout ever since.  

I had been noticing recently that the once-black paper that makes up the roof surface had faded - really faded - to whatever colour this is (below). I should try to fix that up, at the very least.

Here goes...

Here, I've masked off the top of the structure walls, and the roof above two of the 4 storefronts.
The paint colours I chose to repaint the roof with are SP Lark Dark Gray, and the lighter shade is Craftsmart Gray.

The tar lines at the left hand end are drawn on with black pencil, 4 feet apart.  A bit hard to see, but I masked off the roof area above each of the storefronts, and gave them different amounts of paint to try to make them somewhat distinguishable from each other.

I have a bunch of spare rooftop vent and air conditioner details, so I put several of them on the roof as well.
The blotchy areas of the lighter coloured roofs happened by accident. As I removed masking tape, little bits of the paper pulled away.  I liked it so I left it.  I have a couple of more upgrade ideas to work at for this structure that I'll try to show another time.

Changing gears now, Brian Smith kindly sent along these next couple of photos taken in St.Thomas, Ontario, so I thought I'd share them.

April19th photo of BCOL 60496 adorned with some pretty interesting/remarkable graffiti.  We're both guessing that this might have been done on a loading dock somewhere.

I'm thinking the graffiti on this gondola must be fairly recent, given that it shows no real sign of wear.  Thanks for the photo contributions Brian.
I can't quite make out the reporting mark on this one.  The car number is 54086 though.

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