Saturday, 3 April 2021

GP 40X

A bit late with the post this time, owing to Bell Canada's use of failure prone "refurbished" equipment, in this case our modem, which very annoyingly failed again and required replacement for the 2nd time this year.  Thanks Bell.

GP 40X waits outside of the JSSX shop for the start of the workday.  The burgundy and blue paint scheme that Helm Leasing applied to this leaser looks really sharp. Note the flared grilles at the top of the back of the long hood.

Wikipedia shows that EMD built 23 of these locomotives in 1977 - 78, to test new technology for use in the GP50 and SD 50 series.  The distinctive HT-B trucks were experimental, but apparently not used on those subsequent models.  The prototype 4300 was built for Southern Pacific in February '78.

Here's a drone view from the back of the JSSX maintenance building

And a higher drone view of the building.

The track at the bottom of the photo is the GTW line, the one nearer to the building is the JSSX.

And at the back corner of the lot, sit these 3 old trailers used for storage.  I keep thinking that I should patch over the logos, and weather them, but I've just never gotten around to that yet.

Took this photo of JLCX switcher #1515 this past Wednesday afternoon as it was idling outside of the Lambton Diesel Services shop in Sarnia.

JLCX 1515 has the Lambton Diesel Services logo as well.  

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