Saturday 16 January 2021

This and That

 If you have an interest in modelling urban industrial railroading, as I do, maybe grab a coke and watch some of this video of the Florida East Coast and CSX in Miami, Florida.  39 minutes long, there's lots of trains and all kinds of interesting trackside stuff to see in this video.  I found this video through Lance Mindheim's excellent blog, but the link below should take you directly to the video.  You can link to Lance's blog here through the sidebar.

Got a vacant space on your layout?  How about giving something like this a try...

A vacant lot, an old 26 foot trailer, roll-up door (well, what's left of one) with panels in two different shades of colour, no license plate, 2 or 3 broken out tail-lights, no tread on the tires, rusty frame, not to mention the junk laying around inside...could be a winner.  This scene is located about 100 feet from the Sarnia VIA station.

Brian Smith sent along these two photos of gondolas that he saw at the CP yard in London, Ontario a few weeks ago.
Not quite sure if this is a match for the ExactRail gondolas or not, but it must be close.  I always liked the eagle graphic of the Missouri Pacific.

Here's the 2nd photo, DJJX (Joseph Transportation) 9912
Lots of tagging to look at here, but the blue one in the centre panel is the David J. Joseph label/sticker.  This looks like it could be another Exactrail model as well.

I took this photo of CSX 2799 (GP38) the day before Christmas 2020 at the CSX terminal here in Sarnia.  The array of pipes and framework are part of our local Imperial Oil refinery.  It would all certainly make for an interesting scene on a model railroad.

Meanwhile, as for the JSSX layout, this next photo was intended to feature an industry building that I've recently gotten back to kitbashing.  I guess I never realized just how "busy" the area around my workbench truly looks.

Here's the (slightly out of focus - sorry) view of that same new building in place on the GTW line of the layout, with two boxcars spotted and a Schneider Transport trailer at the truck dock.
That open area at the left side of the photo has had a machine shop located there, but I'm finding that the height of it interferes a bit with reaching and even viewing the newer building.  I've removed the machine shop, at least for the time being, while I try to decide just what to do about the problem.


  1. Hi Jim that trailer looks like something we all would love to model...will have to take a closer look at it next time in Sarnia...George

  2. Hi George...I liked it when I noticed it. The yard it sits in is being cleaned up by some heavy equipment, so I don't know how long it might be there for.