Saturday 23 January 2021

I took about an hour or so this past week to complete a simple job to make the layout look just a little bit better.  I finally got around to painting the fascia along the peninsula that makes up the South Industrial Blvd. street running area.  I've had the paint and roller sitting out waiting on the floor of the layout room for months.  

Below is a look at the way the fascia in the area has appeared until this week...

I moved that warehouse that sits along the front edge of the layout out of the way before I painted.

So here's a look after I've finished painting to match the rest of the fascia...

Well, at least it cleans things up a little bit. Now if I would just find somewhere else to put the stuff that's underneath the layout.

So with the warehouse removed, I've got the idea of making another drop-in scene for that location...a bare-bones transload facility that could take in tank cars, etc., that would transfer their contents to trucks.  Nothing done regarding that so far, but I think like the idea.

Elsewhere, along the GTW line, sits this foursome of 50 foot boxcars waiting to be spotted into a spur somewhere.
I've shown the SOO car at the right and the RailBox on here before, but the two SOO Line cars with the red lettering have just been finished up and are newer additions to my fleet of weathered rolling stock.

And below is another link to a YouTube video, again featuring the Florida East Coast railroad in Miami.  I find the trackside and scenery details to be every bit as interesting as the trains themselves.