Saturday, 9 January 2021

A Tangent Southern RR Auto Parts Boxcar

The auto parts boxcar that I've posted as the header photo at the top of the blog is one of the Tangent cars that they released last year.  Terrific models, I was fortunate to get it (and one of their Conrail releases as well) as they were a pretty hot item.

I also feel fortunate that I didn't have to take out a 2nd mortgage when I bought them.  Shipping charges, customs fees, HST (a 13% tax on pretty well everything up here in Canada) plus currency exchange made the final cost per car just a shade under double the actual USD sale price.

Here's a look at the 86 foot car, as it appeared out of the box:

I found a photo online of the real SOU 52438 and used that as something of a guide for weathering. First step was to mask off areas of the car that would appear to have been painted over.

I faded the overall boxcar, then masked around the double doors and faded them even more.

With the paint fading done, I set about adding the grime streaks down the panel lines, and following the prototype photo I painted on the rust and various scratch marks.

The roof, originally silver, was rusted up by brushing on 3 coats of Vallejo's Rust Texture, one of my favourite weathering products to use.

Here's my finished auto parts car, off of the workbench and out in the wilds of the layout...

And a couple of looks at the other side.  I didn't have a picture of this side, so I just free-lanced how I thought it might look.

I like the low angle view of this photo...

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