Saturday 28 November 2020

More B36-7

Here we have Brian Smiths B36-7 again, in this view it`s sitting out on the JSSX shop track. You can tell that it`s been finished it up because the green tape is removed from the windows. For me, that`s the final step in the process.

Luc saw this locomotive here yesterday, and had a good idea for it as well.  He suggested putting CSXT lettering beneath the numbers on the cab, as that was what was on the prototype at one time.  A real good idea, but if I did that, I would likely only be putting that lettering on the engineer`s side. And I would then put a strike-through line through the letters to help show it doesn`t belong to CSXT any more.   So it would appear something like this: CSXT

But, the problem with all that right now is that I don`t have any white letter `X`s remaining on my decal sheets. Microscale only puts 3 `X`s on a lettering sheet, and those tend to get used up pretty quick around here.

Anyway, here are a few looks at the engine as it is...

BSTX stencil font lettering at the bottom of the battery box door.

This side has the BSTX located on the cab, directly below the numbers.
A bit shadowy here, but I have darkened in the grilles at the rear of the locomotive by using thinned black oil paint.  Rust streaks are burnt umber.

A look from behind the locomotive. Some rusting can be seen here at the bottom edge of the hood. That rust continues basically around nearly the entire locomotive.  The deck plates are stained from rust as well (dark AK Interactive wash was used to do that).

And changing gears somewhat, I`ve weathered this BNSF boxcar a bit for Jamie Barron. Trying my hand at HO scale graffiti, this is hand painted.
The tagger has covered part of the reporting number, so they have been patched over using microscale stenciled decal numbers.

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