Saturday 7 November 2020

BRAR 10009

Here's a look at a really nice weathered 50 foot boxcar that belongs to Luc Sabourin. I'm sorry, I forget who he said did the weathering for him, but that weathering artist did a super job on it.

I was asked to simply patch over the boxcar reporting marks and number for Luc's Brownville and Ashland Railway.  Luc wants his models to be very prototypical, and was quite specific about how he wanted the patching done, and even provided the decals for me to use.

I really should have taken a picture before I did the patching. This boxcar gets even a little bit better looking in the next photo.

After the patching was done, Luc also asked me to update the boxcar a little bit more, by adding the FRA reflective yellow stripes from Smokebox Graphics.  He even very helpfully provided a photo of another prototypical boxcar that he liked to show me exactly where he wanted the stripes to go. 
If you look closely enough, you can see above the trucks a small red decal that I applied at Luc's request.  That decal denotes something to do with inspection of the wheels/trucks.  Sorry for the blurry photo fault...but what a great looking model !