Saturday, 21 November 2020

Any Guesses?

 Any guesses what's underneath the tape and paper towel?

Fading down the yellow sill stripe is the first step as I began the weathering of Brian Smith's B36-7, made by Rapido.

Here's how the Rapido model looked when it was taken out of the box.
A extremely nice model, and it runs very well too, as I "had to" take it out for a spin around the layout.  Brian wants it to be pretty heavily weathered, and re-lettered for his leasing company "BSTX".

There's that sill stripe after the yellow has been faded down.  And I've blanked out the "Seaboard System" lettering as well.  I sprayed weathered black over black trim film and cut it out that to the shape to place over the lettering.  I haven't yet decided on which letter font to use for this BSTX leaser, but I think a stencil font would be a good choice.

I thought I'd paint over one door on the engineer side, so I masked it off and sprayed it with the weathered black as well.

This is about as far along as I've gotten with Brian's locomotive so far.  There's still the roof weathering to go, the lettering to do, flat/dull coat sealing to do as well. I should have more on this for next time.

And for anyone interested in weathering locomotives, you might find this YouTube video helpful. Shot from a drone at the NRE facility in Silvis, Illinois, this was just recently posted onto YouTube on Nov. 8, 2020.  I stumbled across it this week.  It's 14 minutes long.  Sorry about the advertisements, but there's really not much I can do about that. 

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