Saturday, 18 April 2020

JSSX 815

The Woodstock Train Show would have been tomorrow, April 19th.  It's been cancelled of course, and I'm fine with that, as I'm sure you would be too.  It's the least of our problems right now.  I hope everyone uses their head and continues to act appropriately through this societal nightmare.

I'm quite sure that I've posted this photo before, but here it is again anyway. This is me at my Vendor's Table at Woodstock in October 2018.  George Dutka took the photo.  Thanks George.  Better times ahead everybody.

I gathered together a few shots of 815 as it makes it's way back to the JSSX yard with a short train from the South Industrial Boulevard switching job. 
815 starting out on the run back to the yard.  This engine is the backbone of the JSSX fleet. I numbered it after my sister's birthday.

Crossing the diamond behind the old GTW tower.  The drawbridge is a cutout of  a photo I took of the GTW bridge over Black River in Port Huron, Mi.

Crossing the roadway alongside the scrap yard.  I haven't come up with a name for this road yet.  I'm open to suggestions for that.  Crossbucks and a stop sign are in order here as well. 

Same location as the previous photo, but from the other side.

And back home, beside the JSSX locomotive maintenance building.  815 is scheduled to come out-of-service for a short while for maintenance.  Management will likely temporarily replace it with a short term leaser.


  1. Hardscrabble Road. It looks like it has had a hard life, and it goes to a scrap yard.

  2. Hardscrabble? Not bad. Could be a keeper. Thanks for the suggestion.