Saturday 30 November 2019

A Couple of Industry Tweaks Along South Industrial Blvd.

I've added the short length of chain link fence (right hand side of the foreground) at the edge of a warehouse property along South Industrial Blvd. I still have to make up an access gate for the JSSX crew to open and close when switching the warehouse.
A rental daycab passes by as JSSX 813 is working on the South Industrial Blvd. street trackage. Still need to install a gate for for access to this warehouse spur in the foreground.

On the other side of the street, this building on South Industrial Blvd. always seems to be an attention getter, With it's run down appearance (2200 plus broken window panes will do that) and at 40 inches long, the size is fairly significant too.  There's one thing about it that has always kind of bothered me though...
The building was kitbashed in two separate sections, and as seen here, the seam between the two is just a little uneven, and too wide for my liking.

I've decided to hide the seam by making up a double-width concrete column to cover it.  I think that it turned out alright.

As long as I had the styrene out, I decided to try out my new NWSL Chopper 2 on it, and started making up some ductwork for the rooftop.  I'll spare the gory details, but you can take my word for it that the blade on that thing is sharp.
My scratch-built rooftop duct work, just set loosely in place.  I've found some other roof details that I can add also, and a few weeds growing along the ground here would help make things look a little bit worse as well.

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