Saturday 7 December 2019

Access Gate, Consolidated Stencils

Last week I made mention of needing to install a gate at the rail entrance to the warehouse along my South Industrial Blvd.  Well, during the course of the week it took me a couple of tries, but I made one that will suit the purpose.  I may have overdone it a bit with too much of the dark rust.  
This frame of this access gate is .025 steel wire, bent to shape.  One end of the wire is stuck into the "ground", allowing the gate is to be swung open and closed by a gentle push with the skewer picks that I use for un-coupling freight cars. The fence mesh is bridal veil material (called tulle).

I've been a member at (a membership pay site) for several years, and like to occasionally post on the model railroading board there.  A week ago, I posted my photos of my DT&I 86 foot boxcar and received a bunch of positive feedback from other modelers.  One guy on there observed that I had not added the consolidated stencil to the side of the car, and that I probably should have since I had blanked out the original "capy" stencil. 
Lesson learned.

So, I spent some time scavenging consolidated lube stencil decals from various decal sets, and ACI (Automatic Car Identification) barcodes as well. I gave them all a bit of airbrush weathering before putting them on the boxcar. Here's a close-up view of the decals after I'd applied them.
I applied this 3-panel style of the consolidated stencil on 3 separate DT&I cars.  These are small details indeed, but they do make the boxcars look a little bit better.

 Here we see GTW 6210 moving DT&I 26035, with it's new decals in place, to the nearby parts factory spur.  The plan for the upcoming week is to (try) to get ballast onto the two sets of tracks visible here.  We'll see how that goes.

And, out in the  1:1 world yesterday, CN train 491 was westbound toward the St.Clair River tunnel being led by this set of Union Pacific locomotives (quite uncommon around here).  


  1. Good work again, Jim! Small details like the ACI labels can make a big difference and I'm still working up the courage to model some chain link fencing like you've been doing. I tagged my latest project posted to Flickr with "JSSX Railway", in case you want to see how you have inspired me. Take care guy!

  2. Thanks very much again Dave. How about giving us a link to your Flickr?



      Also, last week, was I the only one to notice that rooftop detail on the factory?? That's what my comment was about....

  3. Yes, he's been prowling around on that rooftop for a couple of years now.

    I'll try that link out.