Saturday 1 June 2019

Rusted Boxcar Doors

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about trying out a product called Rust Effects made by Modern Masters on the roof of one of my GT boxcars.  I described the results as being not exactly a home run.  Well, after having that boxcar out on the layout for a couple of weeks, that roof has kind of grown on me.  At least a little bit anyway.

Also since then, I had the idea of trying it out on another freight car as well.  But this time, I thought I'd put it to use on the doors.  I pulled a pair of Southern boxcars from the storage cabinet, and ran masking tape all around one door on each car before I began.

Here's my results...and I think these are looking pretty good.

It was about time that these two waffle-sided boxcars made another appearance out on the railway, so I kept them on the workbench for an extra day while I gave the doors the rust treatment.  The results do seem to be a bit random, but with some practice, I think it could be controlled at least somewhat.

Close up view of one of the doors.  The product is very thick, and I think it shows a bit when viewed up close, but I like the colouration.  The speckled appearance on the tack board is from the rust activator component, which is spritzed on from a spray bottle.  The white specks will clean off easily with a dampened Q-Tip, but I kind of like it, so I might leave it as is

And lastly, I'll spare you all the details, but this industry on the layout has certainly seen better days.  It's been used as a destination for 60' and 86' high-cube auto parts boxcars, but I haven't been able to actually spot any cars in there for some time. This building is about to go through a little bit of workbench re-habilitation.
This industry is been made up of 4 Armstrong Electric Motors kits that I had kitbashed into one large building. I like the style of the building, with all the windows and concrete columns. I also have another section from it that's missing from the photo. And at one time, it really did look a lot better than this. Hopefully I'll be able post progress updates on it soon.


  1. Hi Jim,
    Rust effects are looking good !
    Methinks the more you "play" with it, the variety of shades will be satisfying. Another method is a small chunk of fine steel wool in 90% alcohol; (takes awhile).Keep shaking it to help it dissolve. The thicker the resultant solution, the crustier rust effect. Agree the tack board looks like grey, weathered wood.
    Factory mock up looks promising also...

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks for checking in...I'm sorry I missed your comment until just now. I might have to look into your steel wool solution. Thanks.