Saturday, 8 June 2019

GTW 86 Foot Boxcar 1:1 and 1/87

I've got a shoebox full of photo prints that I took a number of years ago, before  I ever had a digital camera.  With a new printer here, and the scan feature set up on it (finally), I've scanned a couple of prints to show here.  I used these to help weather an 8-door 86' boxcar of the GTW persuasion.

These two pictures are not of the same car, but I used them for reference for one side each on the model.  I think the 2 pictures would be a good 20 years old now. I'm not good about keeping track of the dates.

The Athearn blue-box model.

The two sides of the model.  Next time this boxcar goes past the workbench, I think I should add the black patch at the reporting marks, as well as the barcode and a couple of other paint patches that I missed.

Last week I showed the kit-bashed building that had pretty much come apart on me when I had moved it. I got it put back together this week, with better glue joints.  Also, since it's in the corner of the layout, it's much more difficult to reach to work on.  I've got it mounted now onto a piece of MDF so it can be lifted out and taken to the workbench without damaging things again.
This industry can hold 3 86 foot boxcars on the spur, but I normally just have 2 in there. I have a couple of pieces of code 83 track that I'll put here, which should look a lot better than the code 100 that's placed there temporarily.


  1. I'd do the patching with a solid color ('decal film') decal.. take no chances with tape pulling up previous layers..
    Looks very cool, man :)

  2. Yep, I agree with the use of decal film for the patches, something I've done many times. I keep a supply of several colours on hand here. I've even made my own once in a while, by spraying a colour overtop of white or clear film, then sealing it with a gloss before cutting it to size.