Saturday, 27 October 2018

Woodstock Last Sunday, a Citirail, and a little JSSX This Week 10/27

I mentioned last week that I'd be attending the Woodstock Train Show on Sunday.  I was selling a number of items that simply never make their way out from my storage cabinet and onto the layout.  Shortly before the doors to the show were opened, friend George Dutka from the White River Division came along, with his camera.  He asked if he could take a picture of me and my table.  George was kind enough to send me the picture later, so here it is:

I had a real good day at the show, as almost all of these items were sold by the end of the day, plus quite a number of other things that weren't out on the table by the time the  picture was taken.  It's funny how some of the things you'd think no one would want get sold, and some of the things you think will sell quickly end up coming back home with you.

I was at the show by myself, so I didn't have much opportunity to look around.  However, for 10 dollars I did buy a GT coil car kit to put together.  All the parts appear to be there, but I'll have to change it to metal wheels and better couplers.

On the JSSX this week, I've become tired of looking at this corner area, which sits at the end of the street scene area.  It very clearly has to be filled in and upgraded.

Here's the area after I've trimmed a few inches from the end of the track that would be the industry spur and done some basic scenery.

I first painted the area with brown craft acrylic paint, followed with ground foam and static grass.  After that, sifted dirt (thanks Brian),gravel, and track ballast were added.  I've also quickly roughed in a couple of oil storage tanks as a start.  I haven't had anywhere for tank cars to go. Subject to change of course, but this is the general idea. There will still be a ways to go in this area.

And I'll wrap things up this week with westbound train 501 on it's way to the St.Clair Tunnel last Saturday afternoon. CitiRail ES44AC lease engine 1511 is trailing CN's ET44AC 3070.

I guess the difference between an ES and an ET model is that the ET model meets the higher EPA Tier 4 emission standard. Not that I can tell from the appearance of the engines though. I had to look that up.

The train was hauling auto frames, LPG tank cars, and plastic pellets among other things, plus brand new intermodal well cars and brand new 2 bay covered hoppers from NSC in Hamilton.  I've never considered my JSSX layout to be large enough to justify having any models of these types of engines.


  1. Love the coil car kits. I have been collecting them myself to build someday, even though they don't fit my layout's theme. They just look so cool.

  2. I've not started on it yet, actually I've never put one together from a kit before. I'll get started on it soon I hope.