Saturday 13 October 2018

The JSSX This Week 10/13

On the JSSX this week, the view, from behind the bumper stop, looking down a street side rail siding at a storage warehouse.  There's a fairly wide gravel area between the street and the fence line where 53 foot highway trailers often stop temporarily before being brought to the truck dock.

I've cut up tiny bits of brown paper bag, envelope paper, etc. as litter, and small strips of black tape to represent steel strapping. This is all scattered along the track and fence line, more heavily so in front of the loading doors where debris and stuff would be likely to be swept out of boxcars. There's a broken wooden pallet or two laying along there as well.

That orange Schneider trailer and a few boxcars have been moved, giving us a better view of the warehouse. There are 6 rail doors, but really, only 3 can be occupied at a time.  The structure walls are built of fibreboard that came with a white coating on it. The pillars are made of Evergreen styrene strip.

The rail loading doors are photos of real loading doors that I downloaded from Lance Mindheim's website - hey, he invites us to use them, so I thought I'd give it a try. I just printed the photos onto regular paper and used 3M's Super 777 adhesive to attach them to the walls.  I've framed them in with some pretty small styrene strips, but I think I can do a bit better job of that, and one of these days - hopefully fairly soon - I'm going to get around to re-doing them.

I've moved the warehouse over to the workbench to get a close-up of a couple of Lance's doors photos that I used.  The little bit of grime streaking  down the walls is done with thinned artist oil paints and a flat brush.

With half of the foam board roof removed for clarity, you can see the plywood base and scraps of 1 x 2 that I cut for roof and wall supports. This back side of the structure actually is situated along the layout aisle.

I wanted reasonably modern truck docks, so I searched google for photos and found one I liked.  I printed it 3 times, cut them out and applied them to the end of the warehouse. The trailer parking area is spackling painted with weathered black acrylic. 

One more shot from across the street, with a high cube boxcar spotted at door #6.

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