Saturday 6 October 2018

The JSSX This Week 10/06

First up this week, I've added a site to my "Blogs I Follow" section.  The new addition is a link to Chris Vanderheide's Algoma Central in HO Scale blog.  Chris adds to his blog all the time and he has mad skills in modeling and offers lots of knowledge, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already. He also maintains another excellent site - Canadian Freight Railcar Gallery - a terrific resource for the rest of us modelers.

On a trip to the station on Monday, I saw this former UP C40-8W, now GECX leaser 9382, as it was getting ready to head west through the St.Clair River tunnel to Michigan at about 1:pm.

Lease engines are kind of my favourites, and this one didn't disappoint.  I like the wide flat black paint-out of the UNION PACIFIC on the sides.  I also like that barely noticeable below the "2" in the locomotive number is the white GECX re-lettering stencil. I'm really enjoying this power shortage that's been going on.

Then, on the same train the next day was another GECX C40-8W leaser, trailing this time. Number 7336 is an ex-CSX engine, and according to it was a Conrail unit before that. This one also has the small stencilled GECX re-lettering below the cab.

As for my JSSX this week, I finally got around to installing the short section of Rix Products  roadway guardrail that I had shown a few weeks back.  I've put this piece in front of a closed driveway entrance. The chain link gate behind it is also new.  It's not much progress, but it's something.

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