Saturday, 8 September 2018

The JSSX This Week 9/08

On the JSSX this week, after being brought back to the JSSX yard by 815 (see last week's post), GTW 6212 and 6210 move across the short connecting track between the 2 yards on their way to pick up the two high cube boxcars.

Below, this 40 second video of the GT engines pulling the boxcars out of the JSSX yard seemed to take ages to successfully load onto the blog, hopefully it'll play alright for you.

GP38 #813 was scheduled to go into the shop for routine maintenance this week, so in the short term, management opted to bring in a leaser to fill in during it's absence.  A former Iowa Interstate GP38, that leased engine GMTX 2001 had no sooner arrived onto the shortline rails when it went down with some kind of sudden electrical failure - hopefully to be cured with a simple trip to the programming track, but could it be that the circuit board has failed?

Here is 813 about to back in to the shop:

And here is the GMTX leaser sitting outside the shop, awaiting further diagnostics from shop personnel (me).

And lastly, this is still on the workbench, but here is a "drone view" of the two completed roofs on that building that hit the floor hard a couple of weeks ago.  I've added rolled roofing and tar seam lines to both roof sections, with the rolls being 3 feet wide, and most are 16 feet in length. I used 3 shades of grey powders to colour the lower roof.  As I outlined before, I used a black Sharpie and white glue to make the seams. All of the exhaust fans and stacks have been weathered and re-attached. We'll see if it can make it over to the layout in one piece this time...

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