Saturday 15 September 2018

The JSSX This Week 9/15

Today's post marks the 1 year anniversary (Yay!) of my JSSX Railway blog. (Isn't this when the confetti and balloons are supposed to fall from the ceiling?)  I feel like I should be doing something special, but I haven't been able to think of anything, and I don't have any confetti or balloons, so I guess I'll just press on as usual.

Here is the GT locomotive consist of 6210 and 6212 dropping off four cars to the JSSX after picking up the two high cube boxcars

Kind of a neat shot of 6210 from between the two boxcars we saw GT pick up last week.

And with #813 in for maintenance, and GMTX leaser 2001 down for those electrical problems (still haven't diagnosed that one), that left the JSSX with only #815 actually out on the layout working. To help out, management (me) opted to bring their Dash 8 40B out of storage, and run it for a while.  While it's not entirely unheard of for a GE locomotive to make an appearance on the JSSX, it is quite rare.

Here is JSSX 5068, former guess-who, just about to set out from the shop track to begin it's workday as soon as those GT locos get out of the way after dropping off those four cars seen above.

And in other work this week, I got going on this Walthers Railway Exxpress Agency transfer building that I had picked up at the spring train show in Woodstock.  One of my very favourite things about this hobby is assembling buildings.

This one is mostly finished now, with just the loading dock, steps and likely a few roof-top details to go on it. I'll also make up a dark (probably black) back for it so that you can't see all the way through.  The shiny red-brown brick has been flattened down somewhat with over-sprays of weathered black, and the loading dock doors and awning have been weathered also. I already have one of these buildings on the layout, so my intent is to have this one go up for sale when finished.  I'll have more on this one next week when it's completed.

Meantime, thanks so much for looking in.


  1. Happy anniversary! Been a great year of posts.

  2. Thank you Matt, I always appreciate you looking in to see what's what.

  3. Happy anniversary! I'm admiring all of your weathering - impressive.