Saturday 21 July 2018

Just Upgrading a Small Patch of Scenery

I did a little bit of a scenery upgrade this week.  I had mentioned in my June 16 post that I thought the area at one end of the JSSX yard could use some trees and bushes.  It's the foreground area between the layout's edge and the front of that old warehouse. I figured some overgrowth would help to evoke the sense of abandonment of that building, so I've added a little bit of greenery, and a length of fencing as well.

Below, is the scene as it had been until now.  The JSSX frequently seems to use the track in front of the building to hold their crane and and a couple of flatcars for their maintenance department.

Here is just about exactly the same view, but with trees and bushes made from Scenic Express "Super Trees" added to the foreground, plus some scratch-built fencing made from steel wire and "tulle", which is fine fabric mesh used for bridal veils.


  1. Thanks...I've got a couple more little areas like that to get to as well. Jim

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