Saturday 14 July 2018

A New Industry for the layout

I've been wanting to add an industrial building to the layout...something that would receive covered hopper loads of plastic pellets. We have hundreds of them running around here in Sarnia every day, in and out of the local petrochem plants. I've got a few of these cars for the layout now, and really no place for them to go to. Maybe a company that takes the pellets and turns them into rolls of plastic wrap...something like that for the layout.

I've had two or three false starts trying to figure out how to use this space, but the white building to the left in these pictures is what's underway now. I'll work with this for a while and see things go.

Looks like the spur will be able to hold two 4-bay covered hoppers, maybe three at most, but I'd like to be able to spot a boxcar in there too. I've got a couple of ideas to tweak the building a bit to make it just a little more interesting,  Maybe a covered outdoor dock that would also be used to load that trailer at the right hand end. And I think those storage silos need to be closer to the covered hoppers. 

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