Monday 19 February 2018

Layout Extension #8

Last week, I posted this same picture of the derelict factory, with a "raw" wall that I thought I should use to make the factory a little bigger.

Well, that's what I worked on for a couple of days this week. Just finished it up this afternoon.  This picture shows the building as it was, as seen from "across the street".  That track in the foreground is actually a siding that runs in front of a warehouse. I've removed the warehouse so that I could get the picture.  Sorry about the Schneider trailer blocking the view a bit.

This is the factory with the "raw" wall just sitting in place:

And with the finished section added. Also, notice the building and commercial property has been listed for sale through a local realtor. (No, I'm not really selling the model.) The black and red sign at the right-hand end of the building is a copy of the signs my Dad used for his business when I was a kid. It scales out at 5' x 9'.  I tried 4' x 8', but it kind of looked a bit too small to me. If you're really sharp-eyed, you can barely see the small real estate sign posted on the corner of the fence, just beyond the yellow fire hydrant.  That sign scales to just about the size of the ones you might see when you're driving down the street in your neighborhood.

Here it appears that a pretty beat up GP38 is moving in to pick up a gondola that's been spotted temporarily in the siding. I really think that adding this extra wall section adds a lot to my abandoned factory model.  Actually increases the length by something like 42 percent. So that's what I got  accomplished this week.


  1. Great looking structure Jim...where did the fire escapes come from. Are they add-on's or from a kit...George

  2. Hi George. Thanks for the compliment. The fire escapes came as part of the Roberts Printing kits that make up this factory.