Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Weathering Wednesday #003

Greenville DT&I high cube boxcars

ExactRail produced these Greenville boxcars in the green and yellow DT&I colours, and when they were released the first time, I wasn't able to get any of them.  So when they had a 2nd release, I was quick to jump in.  I like them so well that I've recently been thinking of adding a third one to the fleet.

I weathered the cars by first fading the green with pale green acrylic craft paint that I sprayed through the airbrush. The rust blisters and streaks are done with water-mixable oil colours in Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber.  And then Dullcote to finish everything off.


  1. They look good but very similar. If you do a third car, you might want to try a different weathering pattern.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Most of the photos on show the weathering pattern on these auto parts cars to be quite similar to one another. I'd probably do something along the lines of what I have on these two, but maybe add a paint patch or two just to change it up a bit.