Wednesday 1 November 2017

Weathering Wednesday #001

I was asked to weather this Walthers boxcar for friend and modeler Brian Smith.  This is how the car looked when I received it from Brian, with chalk or powders covering the sides and doors.

The first step here was a trip to the sink for some soap and water to wash off the powders.  Better sometimes to start with a clean slate.

I had weathered a similar car of my own not long before Brian brought me this one.  It can be seen in my September 29, 2017 post.  I had an idea of how I wanted this one to turn out for Brian, although I didn't want it to be exactly the same as mine.

The plastic wheels have been replaced with metal ones, which I've painted and weathered, and the trucks are done too.  Here's the end result: 

The other side:

Brian's waffle car out in the wild on my layout


  1. Great job Jim. Looks very realistic...George

  2. Thank you, George. And congratulations on beginning Year Seven over there at the White River Division.

  3. Thanks Vince. It was fun to work on this car.