Saturday 11 November 2017

Storage Shed

I included this same photo back on October 15th, and at the time I remarked that the little yellow shed needed some weathering. I said I'd put it on my list.

You know the list I mean, don't you.  You probably have one too...sort of.  You notice something that doesn't look quite right, some little thing that could be done better.  You maybe took some shortcut, or decided it was "good enough for now, I can fix it later" and moved on to something else. I'm pretty sure we've all done it. Whether we ever actually get back to it is really the question.

Every once in a while that plan actually works, and something that needs doing actually gets crossed off of that list.  In this similar photo, is my improved shed. I've also removed the Woodland Scenic trees to the left of the track, and replaced them all with Super Trees.

Here, the shed door is left open, and the missing window is plated over with rusty "sheet metal". The shed has been painted silver, and given a coat of AK interactive's rusty wash.

I'm quite pleased with the difference. I think that the shed looks a lot better, and the trees beside the track are a big improvement. The Woodland Scenics trees that were there just looked so thick and clunky.  The Super Trees appear much better.  They're much lighter and airy.  Now, I think I need to paint the sides of the rails.  I'll put that on the list.


  1. Hi did a wonderful job on that shed...George

  2. Thanks George, I appreciate you remarking on it.