Friday 11 November 2022

Roberts Printing Finished Up

As promised last week, here's the finished-up Roberts Printing building from Walthers.  And as I've said before, I really enjoy putting this kit together.  There is actually one more thing that I should do to this structure. I can see through the windows right through the building from one end to the other, so I think I'll cut up some cardboard for the interior to block out that possibility.  But that can be done later.  For now, this is it...

The main entrance/front side of the building. I find the ends and back to be much more interesting.

The rail dock door is inside the "tunnel".  High Cube cars are too tall to fit under there.

I painted the truck dock doors with Brick Red craft paint, and then added a few drops of Tamiya's brown and black panel line liquids.

The back of the building.  To add a bit more interest, I fashioned the rusty pipe between the 2nd and 3rd floors from some of the kit's parts sprues.  4 of the windows are closed in with pieces from a cement block sheet that I keep on hand.

The end with the fire escape.  It's a bit tricky to put together, and probably not the safest thing around as Walthers hasn't included railings for the inside of the walkways.
To blank out some of the windows, I used Mylar that was offered and sent to me by Mark Thorp.  I cut it into little bits to fit the individual windows and then used just the tiniest dab I could of canopy glue to hold it in place.

And the lights are on SD40 5931 thanks to Sean...

Two weeks ago, I wrote on here that I was wishing that the headlights on SD40 5931 in the header photo had been turned on when I took the picture.  Well, on this past Monday, friend Sean Steele sent me an email with that photo attached, but headlights and ditch lights activated.  Much better ! The header photo is replaced now, and just to save the trouble of scrolling back up to it, here's the picture below.

I'm leaving this as the header photo for the rest of this month

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