Friday 18 November 2022

MCSA Boxcar 6079

This week I thought I'd feature this Athearn FMC boxcar that I've had for a few years,  Moscow, Camden and San Augustine is an almost 7 mile long line running from Camden to Moscow, Texas where it interchanges with Union Pacific.  It's owned by Georgia-Pacific, so hauls plywood and other lumber-type products.

I didn't know any of that when I bought the boxcar.  Truth is, I just thought the orange colour would stand out a little bit on the layout, and I liked the name. Very few pictures of these particular cars on my usual internet reference sites, so I had to "wing it" for the weathering.

Have a look at MCSA 6079...

I scuffed up the door with some rust and added some dust. Some boxcar red on the lower 3rd of the door. And a few scratches on the panels and ribs.

Roof view

For the other side, the door is repainted in Primer Gray.

Roof view from the other side.  Also, as I try to modernize things just a little bit, I recently added the reflective stripes.

Changing gears now to different item, below is a link to video of the very nice looking layout of the Tri-State Model Railroaders in Mineral Bluff, Georgia.  This was posted to YouTube by Thomas Klimoski.


  1. Hey Jimmer, I've been checking your site for quite some time. I really like the weekly updates, and now that I've taken the leap to sign in with google/blogger, hopefully you'll be seeing more from me. The gas station build and scrap yard are pretty cool too. What's even more ironic, I have proto pics (SQVR 345) of your #813 and hope to someday replicate it. I even bough the extended/dual cab from Shapeways. Terry

    1. Thanks Terry for looking in here. As soon as I saw pictures of SQVR 345 I knew what I was going to do with the undecorated GP38 I had.

  2. Nice work as always and I'd quit paying for Trainorders if I were you. I gave it up years ago and do not miss know what I'm talking about...

  3. Thanks Dave. It's a possibility.