Saturday 16 April 2022

CN/GTW 5931

Finally was able to place a photo in the blog's header again.  I had been putting a new picture there each month, and I don't know what happened but I was unable to do so for quite a long while.  That's JSSX 813 returning from working at South Industrial Blvd.  813 was previously numbered 815 until I changed it just recently.

Four axle power is the far and away the more common choice for use on the shortline here, with an occasional 6 axle locomotive thrown in just for variety.  But on my GTW here, there's pretty well always an SD40 or SD38 in use.

On a facebook group, I recently ran across an SD40 in CN colours and sub-lettered for GTW that was offered up for sale.  I made an offer for it, which was accepted, (boy, that etransfer sure does simplify things doesn't it) and the engine was delivered to my door a week or so later.  

Here's a couple of looks at CN/GTW 5231, fresh out of the box and on the bench awaiting some mild weathering and then application of the detail parts before it gets sent out onto the rails.

I always liked CN's North America "map" scheme, and this engine should make a real nice addition for me here.

Looks like the cab isn't quite sitting properly on the frame.  Probably something just not right after I installed the DCC decoder. Guess I'll have to open it back up and try again.

Here's a link to one of Lance's YouTube videos. The link should open the video in a new window for you... and is only 2:35 in length.  I've always found Lance's modeling to be quite inspiring to what I try to do here at the JSSX.

Have a Happy Easter everybody.

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