Saturday, 30 April 2022

"City Classics" Gas Station Kit

 I received through the mail this week a City Classics model kit of a gas station.  I had ordered the kit quite early in the year, but the shipping had been delayed as the owner of City Classics was ill, as reported on the City Classics web site.  Sadly, the website now reports that gentleman, Mr. James Sacco, has passed away a few weeks ago.

I have two other City Classics buildings already on the layout, so we'll have a brief look at them here first as well...

I don't remember the name of this building's kit.  I've had it for years, and frankly, I've never really finished up painting the details as well as I should have.

I believe City Classics called this their Ironfront Building.  I bought two of them and kitbashed them together over 20 years ago, cutting off the bottom portion of one to allow tracks to run underneath.  Kind of an urban tunnel I guess.  The bulldog art on the wall is a photo I took and printed. The actual artwork is on the back of a local tavern in Point Edward, Ontario.

And so now here's my new Gas Station kit as received.  I'll get to actually assembling the kit in the coming week or two.  I've got some ideas for it, so it's probably not going to really look like it does in the photo on the package. I've got some ideas for it 

Below is a look at the site where the gas station is intended to go. The space is about 10" x 10", and is located in between one end of the scrap metal recycler and the highway overpass.

The kit as packaged.  You can make the argument that this gas station might not really be correct for the 2000 era that I like to try to depict here.  But I think it should work out alright in this run-down urban industrial area.
You can see the full list of parts right on the package. 

The kit parts.  There's also a plain white styrene piece for the roof that I didn't bother to include in the photo.

And also included is this very nice sheet of signs to choose from.
The "trim" colours for the building are listed in the lower right hand corner of the sheet.

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