Saturday 25 September 2021

This and That this Week

Decided to finally take a bit of a break for a while from doing so much weathering of freight cars, and get started on some long-delayed work on the layout.  I'm going to try to do some scenic type stuff on this area first.

The GTW line is on the right, and the JSSX on the left.  Both need ballasting, and I'll put gravel and some weeds in the sort of triangular area between them.  And a level crossing over the GTW track too where the SD38 is visible.  Plus whatever else I happen to think of as I go along.

Scenery is not my favourite thing to do, and this is as far as I've gotten so far.  Well, at least it's a start anyway.  More to come on this.

Following the big wind and rain storm Wednesday, we had lots of yard clean up to do. The city contractor wouldn't pick up the several bags full of sticks and twigs we had, so I took them down to the local composting site myself on this gloomy and rainy Saturday morning.  On the way back home, I swung by the station, where I took this photo of ICRX covered hopper #123839.

See, I told you it's rainy. I quite like this picture.

Then, for just a little more clarity, I took this next photo too...

Two different coloured patches, a little graffiti, some very subtle rust streaking, and those reflective stripes, shouldn't be too difficult to model.

And one more thing...I took this nifty photo last week of the freighter Cuyahoga as it sailed northbound into Lake Huron, on it's up way to Thessalon, Ontario to pick up a load of stone.

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