Saturday 7 August 2021

Safety Stripes on 813

 I had noticed recently that a bit of paint had flaked off of the fans on GP38 #813, so it was scheduled in to the maintenance shop to get that taken care of.

While 815 was in the shop (workbench), it occurred to me that some reflective saftey striping along the sills might look good. Since another JSSX GP38, #813 already has such stripes, there's a bit of logic to the idea that the maintenance crew (me) would apply them to 815 as well.

813 on the way into the maintenance shop

A view of GP 38's 813 and 815 in the JSSX Maintenance Shop (workbench). Note the dash style white reflective stripes on the sill of 815. Well, they're not really reflective, but merely white trim film that has been cut to size. Using an Xacto blade, I cut the trim film width to be about 4", and then set up my chopper to cut the individual stripes to uniform 2 foot lengths.

And after 20 minutes or so of diligent work by the JSSX maintenance crew (me again), the 813 has had the paint problem touched up, and the safety stripes applied along the sill.

813 and 815 leaving the shop track.  I think 813 is looking pretty good now with those new stripes.

Following are a couple of shots of the improved 813 as it sets out on the business of the day...

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