Saturday, 28 August 2021

Evans Boxcars from ExactRail

 The good folks at ExactRail send me an email at the beginning of each month, highlighting their monthly specials.  I've been trying not to  buy very many freight cars, as I think that I've actually got plenty, but this month featured a sale price ($29.99 USD) on their 50 foot Evans boxcars. These particular at this price apparently struck a nerve though, because I went ahead and ordered 3 of them for myself.

Here's a quick look at the three that I ordered, as new and fresh out of the box...

Telling myself that it would make sense for another CN car to appear on the GTW, I included this one in my order.  The boxcar red or brown or whatever it is appears brighter in person than in the photo.

I'm not really sure if they were the exact same type of car or not, but my friend Luc had cars with the large GATX lettering. I thought they really looked sharp, so with that in mind, I ordered this one for myself.

And this next one is my favourite of the three...
Mississipian Railway apparently move a lot of lumber and bentonite clay. I'm hoping this nice blue will fade down well (whenever I get to it).  The crank wheel for the doors is a neat detail.  Hopefully I don't break it off. Too bad that it doesn't actually operate.

One more's a link to a 3 minute YouTube video I found of a cab ride in a Mississipian Railway GP9.  It's a pretty bouncy ride.

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